Rarely is getting there the most difficult part of a wedding.  Stonebridge Farms was in the middle of nowhere and I got a little lost trying to find it.  However, once I found it, it was easy to see why they chose it.

From the minute I met Kristen & Patrick, I knew this would be a fun wedding to be a part of.  The day started inside which was nice.  Once we moved on to portraits things quickly heated up and sent us looking for some shade.  Luckily the farm offered plenty of beautiful backdrops and we were able to capture some unique shots in little time.  After the wedding came a first for me, fireworks!  They were just the start to a party that lasted deep into the night.

Kristen&Patrick1Kristen&Patrick3 Kristen&Patrick2Kristen&Patrick4Kristen&Patrick6bKristen&Patrick7Kristen&Patrick5Kristen&Patrick9 Kristen&Patrick11 Kristen&Patrick12 Kristen&Patrick13 Kristen&Patrick14 Kristen&Patrick15 Kristen&Patrick16b Kristen&Patrick17 Kristen&Patrick18 Kristen&Patrick19 Kristen&Patrick20