This was the second wedding I photographed with Amanda House of Amanda House Photography. After shooting a Friday wedding till late the night before, we were tired from the start (you’d be amazed how physically taxing simply photographing a wedding can be). But smiles can be contagious and they quickly provided us with some much needed energy.

The day began in downtown Huntsville. I met up with Josh and his groomsmen at the museum. After they all put on their tuxes, Josh and I headed out into Big Spring Park for his first look at his bride Ashley. Along the way, we got a chance to talk a bit. Josh had recently become a police officer in Tennessee and, after dating Ashley for 8 years, felt that he was now prepared to properly provide for her. He was clearly excited that their wedding day was finally here. The park provided beautiful backdrop for their first look at each other as well as the group shots that followed. Josh awaited as Ashley arrived to the wedding on a horse-drawn carriage. The wedding ended perfectly just as the sun was setting. We moved inside the museum for the reception. There was plenty of dancing but what really stuck with me were the toast. The families were so close, it was difficult to tell which side of the family anyone came from. It was clear everyone supported Josh and Ashley in their marriage and I felt lucky to have been able to share in their wedding day.

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