The first time I met Katy & Kiah I got a spending ticket on the way and, yes, it was a little awkward.  Katy & Kiah seem to have a positive attitude about everything in life but I was hoping that their wedding day would go a little more smoothly.  Cullman is a beautiful city lined with historic buildings and I was anticipating all the locations we would shoot that day.  I had never been to Cullman First Baptist Church but was very impressed with the light that the stained glass provided to the sanctuary for the ceremony.  The morning went smoothly with tying the bow-ties providing the only real difficulties.  After everyone was ready, it was time for the first look!  It was the first time I had seen Katy that day as well and her hair and wedding dress were perfect.  Kiah was appropriately impressed by his bride-to-be and even brought along the wedding certificate for a few pictures.

Cullman provided everything I had hoped for and we quickly shot the wedding portraits.  After the ceremony, the reception was held at “Top of the Town” overlooking downtown Cullman.  It was a privilege to get to be a part of the day and to meet such a wonderful couple.

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