After returning from Kauai, I was reflecting on how beautiful it was in relation to other places I had been.  I decided to compile a top 10 list of places I would most like to spend a moment in time.  For now here are #6-10, check back next week for the top 5.  I need more places to go…  post a comment of an amazing place you’ve been.

10. Angkor Wat (Siem Reap), Cambodia

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider, this is the place for you with both being filmed here.  It’s difficult to convey just how large this temple complex is but your visit will need to be measured in days not hours.  Not only is it large but it’s ornate with intricate carvings seeming to wrap all the exposed stone.  While there may be safety concerns in other parts of Cambodia, Siem Reip has long been able to avoid such problems.  One word of warning, Cambodia is very hot and humid and many of the temples offer little shade so come prepared.  (view full post)

9. Northwest Wyoming

Northwest Wyoming offers some of the most beautiful landscapes in the continental United States.  Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons and the Wind River Range are all located within this geographical region.  While the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone are well known, the Wind River Range remains relatively unknown but equally as beautiful.  From classic western vistas to some of the most picturesque mountains in the nation, Northwestern Wyoming offers something for everyone.  (view full post)

8. Southcentral Interior Alaska

While Mount McKinnely may dominates the landscape, Southcentral Alaska features many beautiful sights.  The area is host to tundras, swamps and an abundance of mountains.  As with all of Alaska, there is a large variety of wildlife.  Denali National Park is the primary attraction in this area and does not disappoint.  Take the park bus to Polychrome Pass to see much of what this region has to offer.  A less visited area, Hatchers Pass would make for a great day trip from Anchorage.  (view full post)

7. Kauai, Hawaii

The combination of beaches, mountains and rainforest on Kauai create unique opportunities.  Although the island is small in area, it offers a suprisingly diverse landscape.  Much of the island is undeveloped and allows for an escape from the touristy Hawaii destinations that some of the other islands are known for.  While Kauai has its share of five star resorts, it will most appeal to those who enjoy outdoor activies.  (view full post)

6. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The only city on the list, I loved Kaula Lumpur from the start.  Kuala Lumpur has a remarkable sense of cultural diversity.  Amongst its towering skyscrapers, Kuala Lumpur features a variety of well maintained parks and cultural centers.  Traveling throughout the city is easy thanks to the well developed public transit system.  A trip to Batu Caves offers a unique city experience.  While getting there may be expensive, once you arrive it’s one of the most affordable cities in the world to visit.  Should you visit, a stay at the Trader’s Hotel is a must.  (view full post)