Cathedrals certainly aren’t bad but they’ve got nothing on the Alps.  We started in Salzburg exploring castles, gardens and abbeys in the old city.  From there, it only got better when we traveled to Lucerne, Switzerland.  Along the way we stopped in Fussen to see Neuschwanstein Castle.  Back to Lucerne, I loved everything about it (except the food prices).  We took a boat cruise and then an incline railway to the top of Mt Pilatus.  I was very impressed when my sister wanted to hike down to the church below.  Mom impressed me too.  She’s scared of heights but you wouldn’t have known it as she walked along the steep overlooks.  From there, we got even closer to nature as we spent the next day and a half in Zermatt.  From Zermatt, we traveled further into the mountains to Sunnegga.  From there the views of the Matterhorn were even more mesmerizing.  To wrap up our journey, we stopped in Amsterdam for a day before our flight home that night.  By the end we were exhausted; I’d call it a success.

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