Vibrant Colors

I strive to capture photographs with all the beautiful hues on display.  Rather than muting the colors, I choose to build your photographs around them.

Subtle Editing

My approach to editing is simple.  I opt to avoid trendy overlays and filters instead striving to accurately present the scene as it appeared.

Enduring Images

By using a less-is-more approach, the images are better equipped to be enjoyed for years to come.

Documentary Style

I focus on capturing your relationship with the ones you love without being a distraction.  While some posing is used, I allow the bulk of the day to be captured as it naturally unfolds.

Recent Work

Iceland: The Land of Fire and Ice

You can imagine the looks we got when we told people we were going on vacation to Iceland.  It certainly didn’t help when we added that we were camping every night.  Oh well.  Suddenly, the six months of planning were over.  It was 3 am and, at last, we were in...

My Sister is a Model

Well, maybe not but it sure felt like it.  After a few basic posing instructions, Mary Lauren took control of the shoot.  Her energy definitely came through in the pictures and made the whole experience memorable.  We started the hot summer day at Railroad Park and...

The Beltz Family

One of the things I like best about photography is when it brings people together.  I was so excited to hear from a college friend about photographing her then soon-to-be son.  I hadn’t seen her in year back when she was single and child-less.  Meeting her new...