Vibrant Colors

I strive to capture photographs with all the beautiful hues on display.  Rather than muting the colors, I choose to build your photographs around them.

Subtle Editing

My approach to editing is simple.  I opt to avoid trendy overlays and filters instead striving to accurately present the scene as it appeared.

Enduring Images

By using a less-is-more approach, the images are better equipped to be enjoyed for years to come.

Documentary Style

I focus on capturing your relationship with the ones you love without being a distraction.  While some posing is used, I allow the bulk of the day to be captured as it naturally unfolds.

Recent Work

Patagonia – Alone at the End of the World

When I’m asked, “How was your trip?” it’s a difficult question to answer. This was so much more than a trip. This was a challenge and a journey in which I learned so much about myself and the world. I know it’s considered strange, weird and even stupid to take a trip...

The Hamiltons

The last time I photographed the Hamilton's Abby was pregnant with June.  A little over a year later, the family was preparing for the birth of her brother.  We wanted to take the opportunity to capture life while they were still a family of...

Alaskan Adventure

It's pretty common that people tell me they don't have enough free time to travel.  We only had five days and spent two of them traveling.  It's amazing how much you can squeeze into just three days.  We only got to see some of Alaska's highlight but they sure were...