Vibrant Colors

I strive to capture photographs with all the beautiful hues on display.  Rather than muting the colors, I choose to build your photographs around them.

Subtle Editing

My approach to editing is simple.  I opt to avoid trendy overlays and filters instead striving to accurately present the scene as it appeared.

Enduring Images

By using a less-is-more approach, the images are better equipped to be enjoyed for years to come.

Documentary Style

I focus on capturing your relationship with the ones you love without being a distraction.  While some posing is used, I allow the bulk of the day to be captured as it naturally unfolds.

The Latest

The Hamiltons

The last time I photographed the Hamilton's Abby was pregnant with June.  A little over a year later, the family was preparing for the birth of her brother.  We wanted to take the opportunity to capture life while they were still a family of...

A Growing Family

It's been a pleasure to watch Juliette grow older between our photography sessions.  This time there was a new addition.  David is the baby everyone would hope for.  It's rare to see a 6 month old so constantly happy.  I guess I'm lucky because getting him to smile...

Edwards Family

How do you celebrate your mom's birthday?  With a family photoshoot of course!  I'd photographed part of the Edwards' family before but it was fun to get all the growing families together.  Witnessing the relationships between everyone was a pleasure.  The entire...

About Me

Hi, I’m Jeffrey and I love photographing weddings! Photography allows me the privilege to capture all the beautiful moments that make weddings so special. The smiles, the laughs and the tears. My goal is to translate all the feelings of that day into images. I would describe my style as simple and authentic. I aim to showcase the bright colors and vibrant smiles in a timeless fashion. I tend to avoid photographic trends in favor of techniques that will have a lasting appeal. Above all, your wedding day is about you. Every wedding is different; as is every couple. I focus on what makes your relationship unique and photograph the day with that vision in mind. Review my galleries and blog to see my work! If you are planning a wedding soon, please contact me!